Our mission is to shorten the supply chain from vine to glass. We use our well maintained equipment, our resourceful staff, our creativity and capabilities to save your business time and money.

We ship both globally and within the US, on the shortest possible timelines. We are experienced in handling complex operations to the smallest details, so feel free to let us know exactly what you need, so we can make your life as easy as possible.

L&M offers unbeatable prices for all warehousing and 3PL services. We are capable of handling all types of operations and recognize the difficulties associated with high value, perishable goods logistics.  Our management team is committed to transparency, compliance, and continuous improvement.  Meet them below.


Chairman of 3PL Services Company in Philadelphia

Dave Krysiak

Dave is the Founder and Managing Member of Auroch Investments. He Co-Founded Belltower Books in 2003 and led the company as President until 2013. Mr. Krysiak has provided venture capital to a variety of industries, including healthcare, dental labs, property management, local couriers, and residential real estate. Dave graduated from Cornell University Magna Cum Laude.

Jim Stenson

Jim is a graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management & Information Systems. He has over 10 years of experience within the Logistics industry specializing in 3PL services . He is a certified in Project Management, Lean Logistics , and has focused the last few years on continuous improvement initiatives. He has over 7 years experience in the food and beverage Supply Chain. Jim is originally from the Philadelphia area and oversees our Transportation and Logistics operations .

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