L&M storage and shipment management and tracking system

Track and Manage Shipment and Storage

Through your smartphone or computer you can now manage anything we store or ship for you to the level of a single unit or bottle. Check if the shipment arrived or left the port, have us label your all your bottles from a certain year and get them ready for storage, Just login to our system through any device and get what you need with a few simple clicks.

Track and Manage Shipment

Our tracking management system will provide you with the convenience of performing any action with a few clicks, and with the confidence in knowing the exact situation of your shipments, and of every container or truck. You will know if a shipment is waiting to load, on it’s way, or has arrived at any of the checkpoints along the way.

Desktop Screenshots

Mobile Screenshots

Track and Manage Storage

With our online storage management system, you can view, pick, label, and ship any number of specific items you store with us. You are able to perform any storage related activity directly from your computer or mobile device, in the most convenient, accurate and efficient way.

Desktop Screenshots

Mobile Screenshots

Complete any storage related action from your mobile phone

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