• International Shipping
  • Drayage
  • Trucking
  • Intermodal
  • Humidity Controlled Storage
  • Warehousing (temperature controlled & dry storage)
  • Labeling
  • Delivery
  • Crossdock/Transload

Many foods require careful handling for proper transportation and storage.  L&M’s facility is inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to comply with best practices and regulatory requirements.  From Italian olives to Wisconsin cheese, we can move it and store it until your customer is ready for reception.


International Shipping

Many of the world’s finest foods are transported across international boundaries.  L&M can help you import into the United States or export from the United States, using air or sea.  We’ll help you pick the best equipment, vendors, and packaging, all with an intense focus on cost and budget.  Vessels and containers are critically important to these goods, we have the experience required to ensure a delivery that’s fresh and fit for immediate consumption.


L&M handles drayage operations for many customers with products travelling through the Port of NY/NJ and Philadelphia.  Our dry vans or reefers are ready for pickup upon discharge from a variety of steamship lines.  We recognize the constraints that demand an immediate turnaround for containers and all things related to international shipping.  Let us alleviate the stress associated with very tight timetables.  Having our own assets and people allow L&M to quickly respond to any unexpected events.


L&M serves a 350 mile radius from Philadelphia with its own trucks and drivers.  Outside the northeast, we utilize the services of various motor carriers who have a reputation for speed, reliability, and affordability.  Reefers available for any truck move within the contiguous United States.


Modern commerce demands the flexibility associated with intermodal shipping.  Whether an oceangoing container, railyard blocking and bracing, or last mile trucking, L&M has the capability to meet your needs.


Packaging, breakdown, and consolidation frequently require labeling, whether at the unit level, pallet level, and shipment level.  L&M can handle any industry standard barcode or other labeling requirements.


Our last mile trucking within Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic states is both affordable and rapid.  A fleet of daycabs, sleepers, reefers, and dry vans are standing by for your shipment, whether it’s 1 case or 10,000.

Small Package Shipment

L&M provides the option to utilize the services of small package shippers like FedEx and UPS.  We can package goods to your specification, prepare for shipment, tender to the driver, and invoice, as necessary.


L&M’s multiple facilities in the Philadelphia area allow high velocity freight to be quickly and efficiently transloaded from truck to truck, carrier to carrier.  We have a wide variety of material handling equipment and take pride in turning over our crossdock freight aggressively.

Refrigerated Storage

L&M’s main facility offers a refrigerated storage/cooler option for products that require temperature control.  For high value items that demand a tight temperature band and humidity control, we offer individual lockers behind an additional layer of access control.

Humidity Controlled Storage

If your product is susceptible to humidity or moisture damage, L&M offers a controlled environment for the long term storage of such goods.

Dry Storage

From chopsticks to barrels, we’ve stored it all.  Our dry storage prices are unbeatable, and proximity to the I-95 corridor ensures that when your stuff needs to move, it gets going, and quickly.

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